Tacho – Movimiento

  • Album
  • [2021]

Movimiento was the first album I produced and mixed as a main producer. This was Tacho's breakout and he came with as many ideas as songs ended on the album. We gave them love, time and care, and it ended being, on my opinion, a very pleasant listening experience where one can get to know better Tacho. It was an amazing experience, and I'm glad Tacho turned to me when deciding to go ahead with the album. I learned a lot form every step.

  • Production kickoff:February 2021
  • Release date:December 2021
  • Management:Music Bus
  • Art:Andreu Marquès and Tacho
  • Studio:Sotrack Records, my own


  • Songwriting and Lyrics: Sergi Aragó
  • Producers: Andreu Marquès, Unai Eizaguirre
  • Mix: Andreu Marquès
  • Master: Mauri Tonelli


  • Vocals: Sergi Aragó
  • Drums: Guillemao, Andreu Marquès
  • Percussion: Guillemao
  • Bass: Juan Finger, Jaume Àvila, Andreu Marquès
  • Pianos: Kevin Díaz
  • Guitars: Frank Pereira, Unai Eizaguirre
  • Trombone: Sergi Aragó
  • Trumpet: Gregori Hollis
  • Sax: Aitor Franch
  • Background Vocals: Clara Gorrias, Andreu Marquès