Pol Cortés – Llum de Finestres

  • EP
  • [2019]

This was the first EP that was proposed to me as a Mix Engineer. I finally ended working on some programmed drums, but my task was mainly mixing and recording some vocals. Pol trusted me with this great responsibility when I was not yet 100% into production or mixing.

  • Mix kickoff:March 2019
  • Release date:June 2022
  • Art:Albert Carrillo


  • Songwriting and Lyrics: Pol Cortés
  • Producers: Pol Cortés, Albert Carrillo
  • Mix: Andreu Marquès
  • Master: Mauri Tonelli


  • Guitars: Pol Cortés, Albert Carrillo
  • Vocals: Pol Cortés, Clara Gorrias, Andreu Marquès
  • E-Drums: Andreu Marquès, Albert Carrillo
  • Bass: Albert Carrillo, Andreu Marquès
  • Keys: Albert Carrillo
  • Horns: Horny Section