Au Rora – Naïve

  • EP
  • [2023]

The first time I heard the lyrics of the demos that were to become Naïve I was dragged into a trance state. Even though the setlist was not defined, the narrative of the songs Aurora brought was quite clear. The songs sorted out in a soft and natural development of emotions that were to be shaped into songs. And that was what we did. With love and care, we iterated over many proposals to end up finding a good mood for every song. The trip starts with a screaming desolation and ends up with an empowered protagonist, having led you through all the reasoning and the emotions that appear on the path.

This EP allowed me to collaborate and record with amazing musicians, as well as forced me to work over the songs on different moments to gain perspective and unlock certain parts that maybe were not shining as much.

  • Production kickoff:January 2022
  • Release date:April 2023
  • Art:Aurora
  • Studio:My own


  • Songwriting and Lyrics: Aurora Coca
  • Producer: Andreu Marquès (2, 4, 5), Luca Oliva (1, 3), Aurora Coca
  • Mix: Andreu Marquès (2, 4, 5), Luca Oliva (1, 3)
  • Master: Oriol Padrós


  • Guitars: Samuel Fernández
  • Vocals: Aurora Coca
  • Drums & programming: Andreu Marquès
  • Bass: Alan Pribizchuck
  • Keys: Clara Gorrias, Andreu Marquès, Aurora Coca
  • Instrumentation on 1, 3: Luca Oliva